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The apellation “Lord” denotes a peerage tittle in the UK. “Nomad” comes from a Greek word that means “the desire to explore the whole world”.

From that combination arises Lord Nomad; a remarkable person who wants to discover new places and their histories, from the mundane to the outstanding.

Lord Nomad creates an expansive, carefully curated collection of accesories and clothing.

We aim to inspire everyone to travel and dress stylish.



Quality, innovation, creativity, nostalgia, fair conditions; in early autum 2018 we decided to launch our first Lord Nomad collection with these guiding principles. We wanted to build a creative and healthy environment for our brand. So, we took inspiration from our ancestors, the old way they used to travel when everything was an adeventure over every corner. Travel together with fashion, the history and the architecture we find our passion.

The inspiration behind our designs? The world itself, of course, because we love to travel, discover and explore new places and their culture.


Social inequality and the mindless destruction of our planet should be a thing of the past. In order to make everyone finally realize that and change their thinking, it is on us to lead by example.

Our durable, timeless designs for urban nomads are the result of environmentally friendly and social decisions as well as passion and creativity. With this mindset we create high quality bags and backpacks every year, while trying to convince our customers that less (but better) is more. Smart investments and transparency help us on this mission so that we can change something in this industry and prove that we are ready – for change and a better future. 


We want to create the best product possible for you. And yes, we have high standards. In order to meet these exacting standards we picked our European suppliers and production companies very carefully.

Skill and quality are more important to us than the lowest production price, which is why we have been working with our main sewing factory in Canary islands.


Nature is our constant source of inspiration here at LordNomad. And this extends to our material choice. Whenever possible we source materials directly from the environment around us, materials like organic cotton. Failing this, we draw on ideas from nature to create synthetic materials to provide a specific solution to a unique challenge. Our materials are developed with some of the best suppliers in the european industry.At LordNomad, its not just about creating products that live up to your expectations; it´s also about developing materials that stand up to the rigors of a material´s main properties; lightweight, durable and breathable, yet resistant to water, abrasion, bacterial penetration and aging while keeping our impact on the environment as small as possible.